Students Coming From Nepal

Bangalore, the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka, located in southern India, is mostly referred to as the IT capital of India and a fastest-growing major metropolis. The place has emerged as one of the favorite and the most sought after destinations for many Nepalese students who are passionate to the studies of Nursing, Pharmacy, and other health care system. It is not a new matter for the Nepalese students to seek for their career in Medical Science, as it is the most prestigious and socially recognized career and profession. Nursing career and profession are not only interest and passion to many Nepalese students, but also a long-preserved and awaited dream, and still an ideal profession. Had here been sufficient allocated seats available in the Nepalese Universities for Nursing Studies, especially in the Bachelor level, perhaps the Nepalese students would not have found themselves in trouble. The surrounding social conditions and contexts of the present Nepal do not seem to favor one to dwell in and accomplish their dream in nursing career, when universities and colleges here in Nepal are not allocating sufficient seats for the passionate students. In absence of expected, favorable environment, the passion itself compels one to search for the other available options. Now Bangalore is such an easily accessible, well-known and affordable option in which many Nepalese students are putting their eye on.

This is the pretext for Nepalese Students to choose Bangalore as a destination for their study. Here may arise a question why Bangalore but not other nation-states. Some people may have question why not Delhi and any other Indian states. Firstly, we know that the US and Australia are the central zones of attractions for many Nepalese youths to seek for their educational career. However, Nursing Studies in the Western and American nations is cost consuming and beyond affordability and access of many middle class Nepalese families. On one hand, Bangalore, in the rapidly growing world of Nursing Studies, is emerging and gaining an international repute in the filed of BSC nursing. On the other hand, Bangalore contains some specific features to attract the Nepalese students in Nursing. Due to geo-political relations and common cultural sharing, students from Nepal have been found adjusting themselves comfortably in the Indian society. Geographical propinquity, cultural sharing, linguistic commonality, similar climatic situations, easier access, similar grounds of human socialization are other appropriate conditions of Bangalore to attract the Nepalese students there. In addition, India is a neighbor country to Nepal and the Nepalese students have not to face any administrative hassles for Visa processing. Besides these facts, Bangalore is a safe and sound state for girls and Nursing Colleges here do provide hostel facilities to the students, nearer to the nursing college premises.

The noblest and oldest of Professions, Nursing, is the largest occupation in the health care system. We can produce dedicated, self -motivated, and well -trained nurses only through and by quality education and work experience. This is the commonly felt and experienced fact of many Nursing colleges of Bangalore. Nursing education of Bangalore is globally recognized and always marked for its quality education along with updated course contents, ample practical classes and regular internship there. Bangalore is a major attraction not only for the students of Nepal and other South Asian Countries. Except the students of Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh, from global market as well, students from around 57 other overseas nations are found to have been enrolled at various Nursing colleges and institutions of Bangalore. These statistical facts and dedication of Indian government to produce qualified nurses seem to have made Bangalore a major attraction for many passionate students, pursuing their career in Nursing and health care sector.

Bangalore offers specific courses on Bsc. Nursing and other vibrant range of subjects. Bangalore runs several institutions in medical, paramedical and in Pharmacy. Along with face to-face workshops and seminars, blended learning programs, diverse range of delivery modes and clinical practices, nursing colleges here in Bangalore offer a wide variety of outstanding education opportunities for both registered nurses and nursing students. Availability of experienced faculties, well-equipped facilities, updated syllabus and course contents, techno- friendly teaching learning system, and easier access to larger market for the skilled and qualified human resources are the major beauties of Bangalore.

Nursing Colleges in Bangalore aims at creating efficient and able nurses for the future. Most of the Nursing Colleges of Bangalore offers various courses affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Mysore University, and Bangalore University. Furthermore, In Bangalore, the courses imparted by various Nursing colleges have been approved by Govt. of Karnataka, Karnataka Nursing Council and Indian Nursing Council altogether. One of the beauties of Bangalore is that about 680 colleges conducting professional courses in Medicine, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, Nursing and Dentistry in Karnataka are affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS), an affiliating, teaching and a research University, headquarterd in Bangalore, established in 1994.

Now we want to assure you that it is our responsibility to take and make our Nepalese students to get enrolled only in a few selected top most nursing colleges of Bangalore. We cannot tell you that all nursing colleges and institutions from Bangalore are equally dedicated and have better history and good will in the global market. We have specified some criteria to choose and mark some nursing colleges as the best colleges through and by our own internal research on colleges’ history, backgrounds, market recognition and production of skilled nurses, based on extensive inquiry and observation of those nursing colleges in their ground reality.

Criteria and Qualifications of Standard Nursing Colleges in Bangalore
  • Urban located ,
  • Colleges having their own teaching hospitals with maximum flow of patients,
  • Hospital size ( Minimum 700 Bed Capacity)
  • Approach and access of students to more clinical practices
  • Experienced and expert faculties ( Academic Qualification: PG With MD and MS Courses , UG with Health Allied Science)
  • Nursing Seat capacity ( A nursing college which enrolls from 40 to 100 students for a program )
  • Hostel facilities ( Room’s Capacity, Library, Hygienic environment , Distance between the College and Hostel)
  • OPD capacities of such hospitals ( from 50 to 60 patients)
  • Affiliation of nursing colleges to renowned Universities and their own individual recognition
  • Sound environment and systematic techno- friendly teaching- learning system
  • Easier access to internships at various hospitals nearby the college area
  • Worth of certificate in relation to identity and reputation of the colleges.

If any nursing college lacks any of the above-cited prerequisites, then the college does not fall on the category of best nursing college in any other way. Such nursing colleges cannot ensure any expected level of quality education and services that the students can entrust with. In these matters, we are fully informed and alert before we counsel and make our students get enrolled there in Bangalore.