Students Coming From Tibet

Tibet is an autonomous region of the Republic of China. Primarily known as the remote and mainly-Buddhist territory of China, Tibet is known as the “roof of the word”. A center of world tourism and rich in natural resources, Tibet is prosperous enough in its traditional cultures, natural beauties and cultural inheritance, making and identifying it as an exotic, massive land in Northern Himalayas. Furthermore, Tibetan Buddhism can be seen anywhere as an influential religion across the world. Home to Dalai Lama’s past, Lhasa is the capital city of Tibet, a region lined with stupas and Buddhist monks everywhere. Spanning about 2.4 million km2 and nearly a quarter of China’s territory, Tibet is a lonely planet, but it is gaining widespread popularity and economic growth. In the world politics as well, it is a center of discussion as it is a land of Dalai Lama and a threat to China.

In terms of Nursing Studies, India, especially Bangalore, is a major attraction for the Tibetan students as well. Though Tibet is known for herbal plants, and traditional methods of having treatment over human body, in Modern Medicine and Medical studies as well Tibet is a step ahead today as the Tibetans are well-educated in terms of importance of better health. Due to geographical proximity and India being a neighbor state to China as well, the Tibetan students easily get access to different provinces of India to get admitted to Nursing and Medical Studies. The Tibetan students must try to know and be familiar with growing popularity of Bangalore in the fields of Health Science, including Nursing Studies. Choosing a few best nursing colleges and having research based proper knowledge about them are often the matters of difficulty for the fresh students before they enter into the real ground.

Even before reaching Bangalore, the Tibetan students can go through and have some caution while knowing about renowned Nursing Colleges of Bangalore and collecting reliable data about them. It is always needed on the behalf of the students to have a faith, while entering into any preferred college, that they are having their dreams come true and have chosen a right destination for their expected career being there. Bangalore contains a large number of Nursing Colleges, but only a few colleges meet all the expected standards to provide quality education to the students.

Due to some constant political conflict with China, often seen demonstrations and frequent political agitations, and suppressed political will of the Tibetans for free Tibet, the students of Tibet may not feel comfort to move to other major cities of China for Nursing and Medical Studies. In such a context, Bangalore can be a right place for many Tibetans as it provides quality education, easily saleable in the global market, in low and affordable costs, in sound environment, letting students have ample exposure to clinical practices towards setting up their career.

Many Tibetan students may query on why Bangalore. What do they get there? In what ways Bangalore is a right place for BSc. Nursing Studies? Is Nursing Studies of Bangalore worldwide known? Why not in other cities of China? We do not mean to state here that China is awkward in terms of teaching of Health Science and other health allied courses. Some may even ask in what ways Indian Nursing education is highly qualitative and prestigious than the Chinese one? Or what? Actually, we do not have any concrete research evidence to answer such questions in concrete words. But without hesitation we can state that Bangalore is an emerging city in the world as a hub for Nursing Studies, not only among Asians, but even for the students of Europe and other overseas nation-states. In Tibet, there are some organizations or scholarships like Tibet Charity India which assists the Tibetan students to join Nursing Studies in Bangalore and other cities of India. Even from the side of Indian government, some seats of scholarships have been secured and are open to the Tibetan Students to pursue their keen interest in Nursing Studies in India.

Tibet is a large market for the professionals of Medical Science. Nurses are paid handsome salary and also paid social homage. Some years ago, the Indian government had barred the foreign students, including Tibetan refugees, to be a part of internship and get appointed in Indian hospitals and health institutions. As we take into consideration the news published in the web page of Central Tibetan Administration, on 31 January, 2014, it states that “The Indian Nursing Council in a circular issued on 29 January, 2014 announced that Tibetan nurses would be allowed to register and practice their profession.”As per the statement of Indian Nursing council, dated on 29 Jan 2014, “The issue of Citizenship of Tibetan refugees born in India has been clarified by the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi in W. P. ( C )12179/2009 has held that Tibetan persons born in India have to be taken as Indian Citizens.” It means India –born Tibetan nurses are Indian citizens and they have no trouble to work as a registered nurse in India and get job in Indian hospitals and health institutions.

From 1959 to 1960, around 80,000 Tibetans followed Dalai Lama to India. As the report of CTA (Central Tibetan Administration), based on a CTA survey from 2009, in India 94,203 Tibetans were registered in the diasporas. Language barrier, warm climate of India and dislike for India food are the most often cited major problems for newly migrating Tibetans in India. In India, many schools and colleges have been run for such India diasporas as well. Even among such diasporas Nursing Studies is a common concern of Interest and foremost choice. India- born Tibetan refugees and other Tibetan students are seeking their nursing career in Indian societies. We often see many Tibetan nurses getting opportunities in the nations like US, Canada and other European nation-states to work as the nurse.

Now we want to advice Tibetan students to be sincere enough while choosing colleges in Bangalore. In Bangalore, there are many Nursing colleges and medical institutions, both private and public, among them only a few are maintaining quality education and allowing students to have ample exposure to clinical practices.

For the sake of choosing college over there, they need to consider the following aspects of any college. In our through research and analysis, we have listed such points to mark any college as the standard one for Nursing Studies: The major Criteria are:

  • Urban Location
  • Colleges having their own teaching hospitals
  • Hospital Size
  • Flow of patients into the Hospital
  • Experienced and expert faculties
  • Recognition of the college and its affiliation to the renowned University
  • Hostel facilities to the students
  • Teaching- learning environment
  • Nursing seat capacity of the college
  • Clinical practices and lab classes for students

We are always prepared and committed to counsel students with full responsibility to inform and recommend them to make them get admitted at the best colleges in Bangalore. If any Tibetan student finds herself in any sort of trouble, curiosity, and dilemma, then she can contact us to seek solution of those questions and inquiries. We will be pleased to serve the students and guide them in proper way towards making them have their destination be available for them easily on their own hands, as we have our own authorities to have direct relations to the concerned authorities of the colleges from Bangalore.